Family Tree Resale
Family Tree Resale

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Donating With Us


  • When? We accept donations anytime we are open. 
  • What? We accept any items except for food, mattresses and old tube TV's. 
  • Designating Vouchers: When you donate, simply mention one of our local partners. Our staff will record your donation, which earns vouchers to the partner of your choosing.
  • Pick Up? We may be able to arrange a free pick up for larger scale donations. Please email us.

We sincerely appreciate each and every donation received. 

Our Founding Story


Family Tree was founded by Elizabeth Basa, a Chicago-native who grew up thrift shopping throughout the city. 

Inspired by her mother's experiences with social services, a desire to help others, and passions for the environment and resale, Elizabeth founded Family Tree in 2009. 

Her goal is to service families in need throughout the entire local community, benefit the planet and make the best possible thrift shops for people to enjoy.

The name Family Tree represents the fusion of her inclusive views of community, and the interconnectedness of people with each other and with the environment. 

Elizabeth is also a science educator and writer and parent to three wonderful young people. 

Positive Outcomes